Speaker Spotlight: Dr. Oliver Wasenmueller

Join us and listen in on Dr. Oliver Wasenmüller of DFKI present about Machine Vision and Autonomous Vehicle.


The motion estimation of objects (cars, pedestrians, etc.) around the vehicle is an essential basis for many ADAS functions and autonomous driving. For example, it is essential, whether a pedestrian is walking along the street or crossing it. Recently many optical flow or scene flow algorithm were developed for this task. While scene flow is not only a more detailed representation of the real world 3D motion compared to 2D optical flow, scene flow algorithms also reconstruct the 3D geometry of the environment. Due to the increased complexity compared to disparity or optical flow estimation, scene flow has only recently become of bigger interest. This talk will present novel flow algorithms invented in our group. The algorithms are published on renowned scientific conferences and have top-rankings in the KITTI benchmark.

Speaker Spotlight: Dr. Florian Baumann